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Transform your existing concrete surfaces to a designer finish. When using a stencil finish with your spray on paving you can add colour, patterns and details designs to your existing concrete surfaces. It is ideal for a rejuvenating your driveway, outdoor entertaining areas, steps, paths, patios and pool surrounds. There is a huge variety of colour combinations and patterns available to customise the colour and finish to suit your home.



Using a stencil pattern to your existing concrete is will be hard wearing and a practical option which allows you to create a range of finishes through applying colours and patterns to your resurfaced area. The finished job has an attractive look and mimics the look of pavers, cobblestone, brick or tiles for a fraction of the price. There are a multitude of colour and pattern options which allow you to create the ideal look for your home. 


Stencils can be laid at a 45 degree angle which allows you to achieve a different look. Adding borders and features such as Rosettes in different colours can give you area a more attractive and unique look. 



Benefits of Spray On Paving ... 



  • Added Aesthetic Value: Plain Concrete is transformed into coloured sytlish feature


  • Slip Resistant: A textured finish helps minimise the risk of skidding and slipping


  • Durable: Excellent abrasion resistance, hard wearing and suitable for foot and vehicle traffic


  • Economical: A new decorative look at a fraction of the cost of total pavement placement


  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy the visual appeal of traditional paving styles without the weeding hassles


  • Quality Products: Highest Quality raw materials used to improve strength, performance, tone and light-fastness


  • Design Flexibility: Combine different colours with different patterns to create unique effects


  • Dynamic Colour Range: An excellent range of colours from modern to contemporary to compliment your home and decor




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