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Colour Sealing ... 


Rejuventate, Recolour, Reseal


Dramatically improve the appearance of your concrete by adding a Coloured Concrete Sealer.


The Coloured Concrete Sealer system is ideal for colouring and protecting plain concrete. It is a two part system; Part A the colour sealer clear base and Part B the colour tint. The Colour Tint (Part B) is added to the Colour Sealer Clear Base (Part A), and then applied using a roller or soft bristled broom. The tints are available in 26 different colours. Coloured Sealer can be applied over any existing plain concrete, stencil concrete and stamped impression concrete.


Using a Coloured Concrete Sealer will improve upon existing hard wearing decorative concrete. Adding two coats of sealer improves abrasion resistance while creating a barrier between the concrete colour and the effects of the harsh Australian climate.



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Concrete Resurfacing

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