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The Art of Fauxstone ....






Fauxstone is a hard wearing decorative suface coating with a fleck overspray which can be applied to new

or existing concrete to emulate the look of exposed aggregate or granite to create a distinctive look to your home. 




  • Low Maintance

  • Tough as concrete but with decorative appeal

  • Versatile

  • Flexible colour choices

  • Excellent grip under foot


Fauxstone is applied over new or existing concrete and offers incredible flexibility and versatility.


A stencil pattern can be added to the process to create a unique look to the project. 


Fauxstone can easily be applied to concrete for entertainment areas, steps, patios, garage floors pathways and driveways.


There is huge variety of colour combinations and the blends can easily be altered to suit the colour scheme of your home. In addition to the different blends available, fauxstone flex can be altered from fine to course, once again altering the appearance of the finish product to suit the size of the area of surface being covered. Try doing that with exposed aggregate!


Although similar, no two applications of fauxstone will be the same, therefore giving an individual appearance to every project. 


When added to either fully cured new concrete or suitable existing concrete, the fauxstone application process uses less water than the exposed aggregate process. This is because there is no need for messy washing off that the exposed aggregate process requires. Thus making the fauxstone an environmentally friendly choice. 


Fauxstone colour combinations can be customised to suit residential and commercial applications. 


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